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Actor's Image

A natural starting point...this is WORK ON YOU. A special time you'll carve out to look at yourself in the mirror...see who you are and where you fit into the industry...and polish up the product for the market!

Commercials A - Z

The commercial industry is the launching pad for most acting careers. Every agency, no matter how large, will at some time take on a newcomer...but that newcomer must have excellent casting, great personality and attitude, know their craft, and BE READY TO WORK!


Our dynamite teacher, Tracy Jensen, makes this Improv class a delight! A fun, supportive group experience that helps you free yourself as an actor. A great creative workout that will strengthen skills to help you ace auditions and prepare for Sit Com work!

Tracy Jensen

Nuts & Bolts of Acting Technique

A 16 week intensive that begins at the beginning and proceeds in a clear and detailed, step by step manner...clarifying your understanding of the process of you actual tools to own and use...and providing you with a solid foundation from which to work!

Ms. Christopher Callen

Acting the Song

Broadway star and world renowned actress/singer, Ms. Christopher Callen, demystifies vocalizing and the art of performance…enabling actors to address their fears and make singing yet another form of acting to conquer. There’s live accompaniment and concludes with a fabulous performance for an invited audience. It’s a must. Rest assured, if you can sing Happy Birthday, YOU CAN DO THIS!

This 7 week class will help you with stage fright, auditioning, performance, artistic uniqueness, vocal confidence, and basic dance moves.

Comedy Improv Club

Our dynamite teacher, Tracy Jensen, makes this Comedy Improv class extra fun! The class takes place within the relaxed setting of the private party room at the Casa Del Rey Mexican restaurant in Sierra Madre. A fun, supportive group experience that helps you free yourself as an actor. A great creative workout that will strengthen skills to help you ace auditions and prepare for Sit Com work!

Commercial Career

This ongoing class builds on the foundation learned in Commercials A to Z to help actors continue honing the skills necessary to ace commercial auditions!

Audition Technique

A step by step "How To" that takes the mystery out of the process of auditioning and gives you a quick and failproof technique.

This class will address cold reading technique, script analysis, stage auditions, film & TV auditions, screen tests, callbacks, and acting on the set.

Master Class Audit

A rare opportunity to be a "fly on the theatre wall" and watch the process of actors and director working together in a professional opportunity for new actors to discern a standard of excellence and see clearly where training can lead!

Mastering Self-Tape & Social Media Seminar

Arts Consultant, acting teacher, and working actress for over 30 years, Ms. Christopher Callen, will be your guide in this step-by-step one day seminar focused on social media and self-marketing for actors.

You will learn how to set up your own home studio and then be given an opportunity to self-tape a 30 second monologue during the seminar, complete with teacher feedback on both technical and acting aspects.

You will also learn how to play the Social Media Game; gaining an excellent understanding of how to manage Casting Sites (e.g., LA Casting, Actors Access, etc.), and various Social Media platforms, including personal websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

In Production

The rubber meets the road in this ongoing class where students gain experience with the various aspects of film production. Students will collaborate to take a project from script to screen, with opportunities to be involved with set design, prop management, costuming, acting, directing, and more.

Scene Study

This is "The Master Class". The focus here is on expanding the actor's range through character development, risk taking, and original work. Actors learn to direct themselves and prepare for the most challenging situations on the set. As a producing company, Actor's Etc. has mounted Critics Choice acclaimed productions featuring class members. Monthly career support meetings and bi-annual industry showcases are also part of this superb experience!

Step Onto the Set

An ongoing commercial, film, and TV workshop where kids will learn valuable acting and auditioning technique.

Step Into the Industry

An introduction class that helps young aspiring actors learn about the industry.